IV, 2021/3

September, 2021
Europa in 20th Century
Theory, Methodology, Teaching
Maria N. Todorova

Scaling the Balkans
Essays on Eastern European Entanglements

Review by Massimo Scandola

Carole Rawcliffe, Claire Weeda (eds.)

Policing the Urban Environment in Premodern Europe

Review by Umberto Cecchinato

Vincenzo Lagioia, Maria Pia Paoli, Rossella Rinaldi (eds.)

La fama delle donne
Pratiche femminili e società tra Medioevo ed Età moderna

Review by Fernanda Alfieri

Ilaria Porciani (ed.)

Food Heritage and Nationalism in Europe

Review by Claudio Ferlan

Christophe Bonneuil, Jean-Baptiste Fressoz

La terra, la storia e noi
L'evento antropocene

Review by Claudio de Majo

Early Modern History
Contemporary History

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