III, 2020/1

January, 2020
World history of Italy
Early Modern History (16th-18th Century)
Miles Pattenden

Electing the Pope in Early Modern Italy, 1450-1700

Review by Giampiero Brunelli

Michael Knapton
Andrea Gardi, Gian Maria Varanini, Andrea Zannini (eds.)

Una Repubblica di uomini
Saggi di storia veneta

Review by Enrico Valseriati

Paul M. Dover

Secretaries and Statecraft in the Early Modern World

Review by John Condren

Daniela Hacke - Paul Musselwhite (ed.)

Empire of the Senses
Sensory Practices of Colonialism in Early America

Review by Federica Morelli

Vincenzo Lavenia - Stefania Pastore - Sabina Pavone - Chiara Petrolini (ed.)

Compel People to Come In
Violence and Catholic Conversions in the non-European World

Review by Serena Di Nepi

Bruno Pomara Saverino

I moriscos e l’Italia

Review by Irene Fosi

19th Century
Adriano Prosperi

Un volgo disperso
Contadini d'Italia nell'Ottocento

Review by Ignazio Veca

Contemporary History (20th-21st Century)
Leonard V. Smith

Sovereignty at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919

Review by Giovanni Bernardini

Katrin Bromber - Katharina Lange - Heike Liebau - Anorthe Wetzel (ed.)

The Long End of the First World War
Ruptures, Continuities and Memories

Review by Massimo Zaccaria

Paolo Magaudda - Gabriele Balbi (ed.)

Fallimenti digitali
Un’archeologia dei ‘nuovi’ media

Review by Camilla Tenaglia

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