V, 2022/3

September, 2022
Recent Studies on the German Empire
Early Modern History
Piers Baker-Bates, Irene Brooke (eds.)

Portrait Cultures of the Early Modern Cardinal

Review by Klazina Botke

Michael G. Brennan (ed.)

English Travellers to Venice 1450-1600

Review by Sandra Toffolo

Matthew Coneys Wainwright, Emily Michelson (eds.)

A Companion to Religious Minorities in Early Modern Rome

Review by Jessica Dalton

19th Century
Contemporary History
Gianmarco Mancosu

Vedere l’impero
L’Istituto Luce e il colonialismo fascista

Review by Stefano Campagna

Nicholas Mulder

The Economic Weapon
The Rise of Sanctions as a Tool of Modern War

Review by Cristiano La Lumia

Andrea Di Michele, Andreas Gottsmann, Luciano Monzali, Karlo Ruzicic-Kessler (eds.)

La difficile riappacificazione
Italia, Austria e Alto Adige nel XX secolo

Review by Assunta Esposito

Leonardo D'Alessandro

Giustizia fascista
Storia del Tribunale speciale (1926-1943)

Review by Roberta Mira

Daniel Hedinger

Die Achse: Berlin, Rom, Tokio 1929-1946

Review by Paolo Fonzi

Paolo Pombeni

L'Italia e il centrosinistra (1953-1963)

Review by Giovanni Bernardini

Gianni La Bella

I gesuiti
Dal Vaticano II a Papa Francesco

Review by Raffaella Perin

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