V, 2022/2

May, 2022
Veronica and the Devil
Margareth Lanzinger, Janine Maegraith, Siglinde Clementi, Ellinor Forster, Christian Hagen (eds.)

Negotiations of Gender and Property Through Legal Regimes 14th-19th Century
Stipulating, Litigating, Mediating

Review by Martha Howell

Massimo Rospocher, Jeroen Salman, Hannu Salmi (eds.)

Crossing Borders, Crossing Cultures
Popular Print in Europe 1450-1900

Review by Antonio Castillo Gómez

Rebecca Earle

Feeding the People
The Politics of the Potato

Review by Claudio Ferlan

Early Modern History
Monique Chatenet, Murielle Gaude-Ferragu, Gérard Sabatier (eds.)

Princely Funerals in Europe, 1400-1700
Commemoration, Diplomacy, and Political Propaganda

Review by Antonio Chemotti

Michele Lodone

Invisibile come Dio
La vita e l'opera di Gabriele Biondo

Review by Michele Camaioni

John Christopoulos

Abortion in Early Modern Italy

Review by Alessandra Gissi

Emanuele Pagano (ed.)

Immigrati e forestieri nell'Età moderna

Review by Enrico Valseriati

19th Century
Contemporary History

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