I, 2018/2

September, 2018
Recent Studies on Machiavelli
Early Modern History
19th Century
Francesca Brunet, Florian Huber (eds.)

Eine Geteilte Geschichte Trentino-Tirols / Una storia condivisa Trentino-Tirolese

Review by Elena Taddei

Contemporary History
Gastone Breccia

1915: l’Italia va in trincea

Review by Antonio Varsori

Giovanni Bernardini, Günther Pallaver (eds.)

Dialogue against Violence
The Question of Trentino-South Tyrol in the International Contex

Review by Sarah Oberbichler

Martina Mengoni

Primo Levi e i tedeschi

Review by Matteo Fadini

Elena Aronova, Simone Turchetti (eds.)

Science Studies during the Cold War and Beyond
Paradigms Defected

Review by Francesco Cassata

Martin Baumeister, Bruno Bonomo, Dieter Schott (eds.)

Cities Contested
Urban Politics, Heritage, and Social Movements in Italy and West Germany in the 1970s

Review by Andrea Brighenti

Lutz Maeke

Die Palästinapolitik des SED-Staates

Review by Massimiliano Trentin

Elisabetta Bini, Giuliano Garavini, Federico Romero (eds.)

Oil Shock
The 1973 Crisis and its Economic Legacy

Review by Rüdiger Graf

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